Civil Defence Shelter and Security Technology

GAS-TIGHT Blast doors

Abrisaria Armoured blast doors provide these excellent characteristics and assure that entrances of CD shelters and hardened buildings ar "no weak spots".

Armoured doors are set in place and poured with concrete simultaneously with the walls, thus forming a fully integral part of the shelter shell.


Concrete shelter walls are providing optimal protection against PRESSURE, RADIATION, HEAT, GASES and PHYSICAL IMPACT.


Blast Protection Valves

Abrisaria Blast protection or Explosion protection valves  (ESV) are used for a pressure resistant closrue of air inlets and outlets in NBC shelters, command centres, headquarters etc. Blast protection valves  are often used in other exposed buildings where a increased protection is required. (Nuclear power plants, command centers etc.) The ESV protects people and installation against sudden blast waves and the subsequent suction pressure which are the effects of nuclear and conventional explosions.

NBC Filtration - GAS FILTERS

NBC Ventilation and

NBC Filtration units

are sophisticated, compact, shock-profed units designed to give maximum protection against all known war gases, as well as radioactive fallout. They have been developed in accordance with international regulations,  tested and approved in various countries. NBC filters are installed in all kind of civil defense shelters, military or local authority shelters as well as in hardened industrial buildings in various industries.


NBC Ventilation and Filtration Unit VA-150 from LUNOR Switzerland. One of the most installed standard Shelter ventilation units with Blast protection valve with prefilter, Airflowmeter, NBC /Gasfilter GF and Ventilator equiped with electric Motor with Handcrank

LUNOR shelter ventilation systems can be connected in series. Whether individual units for individual rooms or interconnected to form entire series - the strength of the LUNOR concept lies in the safety of the system.